Curriculum Development Awards

Important Information

Eligibility: All full-time VCU faculty regardless of rank or tenure status are eligible to apply.

Questions: Please email the Division at with the subject "Curriculum Development Awards"

Deadline: June 1, 2017 by 5:00 pm

Awards will be announced on June 30, 2017.

To apply, click here.

VCU students and faculty have called for the continued development of courses and classroom learning experiences that are inclusive, both in content and in strategy. Four curricular development awards of up to $10,000 each will be made available. Funds are to be utilized for courses offered during the 2017-2018 academic year. These awards will allow departments to submit proposals to strengthen a minimum of three graduate and/or undergraduate courses with respect to diversity and inclusion.

The awards are for the review, revision, development and enhancement of core curricular courses (either required or elective courses that fulfill major/program requirements). These courses must be offered minimally on an annual basis.  Specifically, the courses recommended for enhancement must represent instructional opportunities to incorporate the expanding base of scholarship that supports an inclusive curriculum and course content.

A final report is required at the end of the 2017-18 academic term to document the numbers of students participating in the course, instructor reflections on the impact of course enhancements, as well as a summary of student course ratings.

Applications must speak to:

  • The explicit and measureable learning outcomes to be enhanced through the curricular development project
  • The breadth and depth of impact on VCU student populations (for example: number of students typically enrolled in the course, frequency of offering, relevance to the required curriculum, relevance to programmatic accreditation requirements, etc.)
  • Course syllabi and proposed work 

Applications must include:

  • Application letter which includes a description and justification of the proposed work.
  • Course syllabi of classes to be revised, developed and/or enhanced.
  • Degree program curriculum.
  • Budget and justification detailing how funds will be allocated. Funds may be used for salary support, training, materials/consumable supplies, equipment, and other relevant expenses.
  • Letter of support and department chair endorsement form signed by all participating departments. The chair Endorsement Form can be found here.
  • CV’s and biographical sketches of participating faculty. The Biographical Sketch Form can be found here.

Budget and allowable costs

The total budget may be for any amount up to $10,000. Click here to view and download the Budget and Justification Form.

Funds can be used to support faculty summer salary, course resources, incentives and/or graduate students support or other expenses clearly linked to course enhancement. Where justified, a major portion of the budget can be used to offset faculty time and effort in order to allow significant effort to be applied to curriculum development activities. Renovation costs are not allowable. Only direct costs are paid by the awards. Departments will agree to return or reimburse funds if (a) resources are not expended according to these guidelines and (b) if the curricular changes are not implemented. 

Proposal submission

Proposals must be submitted here by 5:00pm on June 1, 2017. Applications submitted after the deadline are considered incomplete and will not be reviewed. Ineligible faculty and applications deviating from the guidelines will also be considered incomplete. 

For specific questions or concerns about your proposal, including eligibility and signatures, please contact the Division for Inclusive Excellence at with “Curriculum Development Awards” in the subject line.

Proposal review

The submission, review, and funding process is coordinated by the Associate Vice President for Inclusive Excellence who will recommend proposals to the Vice President for Inclusive Excellence for final approval.

Up to four proposals will be recommended for funding.

Funding period

The Curriculum Development award spans from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. Awards are made on July 1, 2017.